Agile Appetizers [Scrum/Kanban & SAFe] - A must have course for all of you

    June 23, 2018
    8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
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    Hampton Inn by Hilton Pembroke Pines
    Address: 1900 NW 150th Ave
    Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

    Agile Appetizers [Scrum/Kanban & SAFe] - A must have course for all of you

    Course is a right fit: It is a must have knowledge wherever you are, either you are an agile team member, leader or manager. Many large organizations are using more than one methodology to make the delivery process more robust and smooth. All these three methodologies have become a must have tools for professional who are working in agile environments at any level. Either you are a developer, project manager, product owner or scrum master, you must know the core and basics for all three to add value to your enterprise.
    We are pretty confident that you are going to love this course. It a fast track program to help you to become familiar about Agile. We are sure it will make you to think more about going toward agile transformation using a right tool for your teams.

    Agile project management is a fast growing project management methodology across the world. There are many frameworks that are being used across the industries. Most of the time, a mixed and hybrid approach works perfectly due to diverse need depending upon the nature of project and teams.

    Scrum being the most popular framework for an agile team has made a permanent place in Agile world. Teams that using iterative and incremental delivery model are using Scrum as their project delivery model.

    However challenge comes when teams are working on firefighting mode to solve production issues and a fast pace delivery where the requirements and priorities are being changed randomly. In this case, Kanban has played a vital role to make the delivery process smooth and helps the teams to identify bottlenecks, maintain their work in progress (WIP) in control and manageable.

    Now the next challenge is what if there large scaled projects where many teams working together on the same initiative or program. How to scale Scrum and Kanban from single or smaller teams to multiple and large teams? This challenge is address a well-known framework called SAFe. This framework scales the team and delivery process from a team of 7 - 9 members up to large group and complex program and portfolio management.

    Course Structure:
    To meet this challenge we have designed the contents of this course in such a way that it covers many core and key concepts about these three frameworks for the professionals who are looking their career in agile world.
    • Agile development frameworks
    • Scrum Process and its framework
    • Scrum Roles & Working model
    • How Scrum plays role in Kanban and SAFe
    • Kanban
    • How to setup and manage Kanban Board
    • How to manage Work in progress (WIP)
    • How to find bottlenecks in the flow
    • SAFe
    • What is core and basic SAFe framework
    • How SAFe uses Scrum and Kanban
    • How to identify SAFe level

    What you will get?
    • Earn 8 PDUs towards CCR for existing PMI PMP & ACP Certified professionals.
    • Earn 8 SEUs towards your Scrum Certified Professional (CSP)
    • Your further roadmap to get in-depth knowledge in any of agile framework

    Location: Weston, Florida
    Hampton Inn by Hilton Pembroke Pines, Florida

    Date/Time: Saturday June 23rd 2018 (8:30am – 5:00pm)

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