PDD 2018 - Annual Professional Project Management Conference




    Rick Miller – Being Chief, LLC

    About the Speaker

    Rick Miller is a confidant, author, and speaker who will help you to unlock your potential and the power of everyone in your organization. He is an unconventional turnaround specialist, a servant leader, and a go-to Chief. For over 30 years, Rick served as a successful business executive in roles including President and/or CEO in a Fortune 10, a Fortune 30, a startup, and a non-profit.

    Rick Miller is a Chief not because of his many high-ranking titles, but because of his ability to bring out the best in others.

    Topic: Being Chief – Unleashing Your Power

    How can you excel as a leader in today's pressure-filled, fast-changing world? Rick Miller will share the pragmatic approach he developed and implemented at AT&T and Lucent, building a reputation as a turnaround specialist who delivers sustainable growth. He has spent the last ten years working with chiefs at different levels, across varied disciplines and industries to help them break through leadership challenges and transform organizations. This session will explore a proven and very practical strategy to be the most effective chief you can be.


     Peter Borsella – President, Big Orange Square

    About the Speaker

    Peter Borsella, co-founder of Scrum4HW and the Industrial Agile Framework, is a business professional with over 25 years of experience in product development and leadership. Peter is also a Project Management Professional (PMI), a Certified Scrum Trainer (Scrum Alliance), and a Certified Large-Scale Scrum Practitioner (The LeSS Company).

    An active and contributing member to both the PMI and the Scrum Alliance, Peter has certified over 7,000 CSMs and CSPOs.  His speaking engagements focus on bridging the gap between traditional project management and agile product delivery. His goal is to help others understand how to get the best return on any investment by achieving higher levels of product quality, increased customer satisfaction, and more cohesive teams.

    Topic: Scrum for Hardware and the Industrial Agile Framework

    Physical products can be developed with the Scrum Framework.  This session explains how that’s possible, and does away with myths surrounding the use of Scrum for hard product development. Scrum outside of software often receives remarks such as "the Sprint cycle time is too short for products,” and, "steps in building hardware are too complex for Scrum.” In this talk I'll work through the classic Scrum process - 3 roles, 3 artifacts, 5 events - and explain with examples to the contrary. Big successes have been scored with applying Scrum in an environment where classical project management structures are still prevalent, and unfortunately still failing. The attendees will walk away with an understanding of Scrum framework principles in a product development environment, and with an approach on fitting large complex product challenges in a short-cycled iterative framework.


    Jacqueline Cabrera – FPL

    About the Speaker

    Jacqueline Cabrera is a Change Management Leader with Florida Power & Light Company, a subsidiary of NextEra Energy. She has over 20 years of project management and facilitation experience. She’s been a change management evangelist for the past five years. Helping employees navigate a myriad of organizational changes.  The last ten years, Jacqueline has held several positions within FPL: new product development, program manager, smart meter senior analyst, and regulatory manager. Jacqueline is also an adjunct professor at Broward College, teaching operations management, supervisory management, and business communication.  Previously, she was vice president of trade desk operations with Instinet, a subsidiary of Reuters. Most of her career was in the financial industry, working for Wells Fargo and Chase Manhattan, before switching to the utility industry.   She is also a Project Management Professional (PMP), certified in Prosci’s change management methodology and an accomplished Toastmaster.  Jacqueline holds a Master of Business Administration, specializing in Finance and an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice, from Florida International University.  A self-described mixologist, in her copious free time, she enjoys concocting unique and tasty cocktails!

    Topic: Wield the Power of a Change Network

    How many projects are you juggling? And, what transformation is your organization currently facing that a change network might help you resolve? This session focusses on the use of change networks, and includes practices on how to set-up your change network.  We see change networks help with many types of challenges that changes present including: Engagement, Morale, Communications, Adoption, Employee Development, Transparency and Trust.


    Gustavo Coutin

    About the Speaker

    Gustavo has completed many projects across commercial, military and civilian spheres of influence.  His expertise has been utilized in Afghanistan, Balkans, Middle East, Africa and Europe, working with many traditional and nontraditional elements to ensure critical communications, and supporting infrastructure, systems, and processes were completed and that scope of work and documentation were completed for effort capture. Communications is key and ensuring the right people, with the right tools, attitude and capability are in place, is what drives Gustavo.

    Topic: Social Media Alignments Promoting Business

    What does it take to align an effective social media campaign to promote a business?

    This question has many different answers, but when aligned with the strategic corporate plan, there can only be one right answer. Questions that should be asked are numerous, but should be centered around these few initial inquires:

    1.     Is this a startup or an existing business?

    2.     Is there a full time social media person to work the campaign?

    3.     What is the budget for a proper social media campaign?

    4.     What is the length of time that the campaign should run?

    There are many more questions that should be addressed but there is more to a proper social media campaign for a business then just posting on various portals. Momentum needs to be maintained as well as quick responses and timed postings, to ensure that the campaign is as effective as it can be.


    David Schatsky – Deloitte

    About the Speaker

    David analyzes emerging technology and business trends for Deloitte’s leaders and clients. His recent published works include Signals for Strategists: Sensing Emerging Trends in Business and Technology (Rosetta Books 2015), “Demystifying artificial intelligence: What business leaders need to know about cognitive technologies,” and “Cognitive technologies: The real opportunities for business” (Deloitte Insights 2014-15). Before joining Deloitte, David led two research and advisory firms.

    Topic: Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive technologies

    Artificial intelligence (AI) may be the most-hyped technology topic in a generation. But what is it, really? How is it different from conventional information technology? What kinds of business issues is it tackling today? And where is it going? In this presentation, David will ground us in a pragmatic view of artificial intelligence, highlight the trends pointing into the future, and discuss what AI means for business, for work, and for project management professionals.


    Regina Batista – Transformation Experts, LLC

    About the Speaker

    Regina is a Strategic Leader of Technology & Business Transformation.  A Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 20 years of PMO, Portfolio, Program, Project management, IT Consulting, Agile Coach & Trainer, Safe Consultant.

    Proven expertise in building high performance teams and managing Overall IT & Business Customer Experience to drive change initiatives to enhance and drive bottom-line profits. Regina is an active member of the South Florida PMI, South Florida Agile Association (SFAA) and serves as a mentor for the IT Women Organization.

    Topic: Agile Coaching Best Practices

    ·        Agile Transformation Success Factors

    ·        Why is an Agile Coach important for an Agile Transformation?

    ·        Who can be an Agile Coach?

    ·        The skills need to be a successful Agile Coach?

    ·        The challenges of coaching Executives through an Agile transformation

    ·        The challenges of coaching Teams through an Agile transformation

    ·        Characteristics of a High Performing Agile Team

    ·        Agile Coaching Competency Framework

    ·        Agile Coaching proven best practices & techniques

    ·        Mentoring vs Coaching

    ·        Conflict Resolution


    Simone Knight – Univision

    About the Speaker

    Simone Knight is Vice President of Marketing Strategy at Univision Communications, the nations’ largest Spanish media company.  In her role, she leads the Multiplatform Media Strategy and Media Intelligence teams to innovate, automate and elevate strategic business projects for the Out of Home, Radio and Digital Marketing channels.  Simone is a public speaker and entrepreneur.  She's been featured at professional conferences throughout the Southeastern United States and in national business publications, like Entrepreneur Magazine. She led a successful management consulting firm called StockTheMind for 10 years; and is now Chief Apothecary of her own organic skincare line called Secret Sexy by Simone, specializing in natural, antiaging beauty products for people with sensitive skin.  

    Topic: Performance, Image and Exposure (P.I.E.)

    Come get your piece of the PIE!

    P.I.E. (Performance, Image and Exposure) is a three-step formula for your career. If you have one element without the others, you can end up on the slow road to nowhere. Simone will share three simple strategies that professionals in any field or industry can apply to getting noticed, making impact and moving ahead.



    Jeri Dembrak and Stephen Light

    About the Speakers

    Jeri and Steve are both Genos Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioners. Coming from the strategic human capital management perspective including HRIS and partnering with the C-suite in developing business plans and aligning the people plans of the organization.

    Topic: Emotional Intelligence

    What is emotional intelligence and how does it apply in the workplace?


    Amit Dubey – Deloitte

    About the Speaker

    IT Project Manager with 16 years of experience in ERP starting from Development up to large program management and Account management. Blockchain expert connecting new technologies with their real business use. Managed diverse team of onsite and offshore models to successfully deliver implementation projects in Oracle EBS and Cloud. Support and implementation of Oracle EBS, Finance and Purchasing and Banking products. Experienced in leading solutions delivery and design for procure to pay, order to cash and General financials. Connecting the dots from transaction to business intelligence.

    Topic: BlockChain Technology and Business Use

    As we are witnessing an exponential growth in use cases for Blockchain as well as consortiums, It is very important for companies to understand what it takes to get started and what qualifies as a good business case to start a Blockchain project. From basic immutable record keeping to complex Multi-party, International trade transactions Blockchain offers opportunity for every industry and it is interesting to see how it is changing traditional business landscape.



    Michael Milutis – CAI

    About the Speaker

    Michael Milutis is an INFP committed to human capital development, continuous workplace learning, and corporate mindfulness. He works with technology organizations to develop innovative learning cultures and he coaches individuals and teams so that they can develop continuously, grow personally, and realize their highest potential.

    Since 1997, Michael has worked in marketing, new business development, and L&D for Computer Aid, Inc (CAI), an international IT services and support firm. He is also the creator and director of CAI’s IT Metrics and Productivity Institute,

    an organization devoted to continuous learning and career development within the global IT community. Michael speaks around the world and offers coaching and consulting in the areas of human capital development and peak performance management. You can connect with him on LinkedIn at  www.linkedin.com/in/michaelmilutis or on Twitter at @itmpi.

    Topic: Know Thyself, Brand Thyself!

    The Secrets of Self-Actualization and Workplace Engagement

    In this session, Michael Milutis will share what he has learned from having consulted with hundreds of project management and IT professionals from around the world on their personal branding and career development challenges. He will explain why self-knowledge and mindfulness are such critical success factors, while also exploring the key personal questions that everyone must find answers to, and that are universal across functional areas. Michael will walk you through this process and then demonstrate how one's learning strategy, networking strategy, and personal branding strategy all flow logically from the answers. 


    William W. Davis, MSPM, PMP, PSM, PSPO, CSM

    About the Speaker

    William W. Davis, MSPM, PMP, PSM, PSPO, CSM works in the IT industry, promoting personal and organizational agility, and sharing innovative tools/techniques with fellow project managers, developers, functional managers, and organizational leaders. William has 30 years’ experience working in IT as a software developer and technical project manager for numerous IT projects. More recently, William is a portfolio and program manager, Scrum Master, agile coach and trainer.

    William began his Agile journey in 2008, when he first began promoting Scrum as an alternative approach to traditional project management. Since 2008, he has advocated for personal and organizational agility in general, and Scrum usage in particular.

    In 2014, William created Statistical PERT® (SPERT®), a simple-to-use, probabilistic estimation technique that uses built-in functions within Microsoft Excel. The Statistical PERT Excel templates are free to download, free to use, free to modify, and free to distribute! To learn more about Statistical PERT, visit the Statistical PERT website (https://www.statisticalpert.com)

    Topic: Collabinart: Team Collaboration through Interpretive Art

    The value and necessity of collaborative teamwork continues to gain importance in complex projects, especially among agile teams using adaptive approaches to project management. In this presentation, attendees will form small groups and experience the power and benefits of team collaboration. Project practitioners can use this easily reproduced activity as part of their own just-in-time training offerings at any point in a team's journey together.

    Learning objectives: 1) Demonstrate the power of collaboration by contrasting individual insights with insights gained through a team-based, collaborative approach

    2) Demonstrate techniques to converge differing, divergent, individual ideas into a holistic, team-based, synthesized view


    Connie Maldonado, PMP, PgMP, PMI-ACP, CSP

    About the Speaker

    Connie Maldonado is a coach, instructor, and speaker who consults and speaks on a variety of project management topics. She has been certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP)® since 1998 and has over 20 years of project management experience.  She has also obtained the PgMP® and PMI-ACP® credentials from the Project Management Institute, and the Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP®) from the Scrum Alliance.

    Connie has worked on projects in many areas including information systems, business and project process reengineering, software application development, financial systems, travel reservation systems, business intelligence, and project management offices.  Connie assisted in the creation of an International PMO for CEMEX and assisted in the development of both waterfall and agile methodologies for Carnival Cruise Line.

    Connie is a Past President of the PMI South Florida Chapter and the past Chair of the Certification Disciplinary Sub-Committee under the PMI® Certification Governance Council.  She is also a past board member of Toastmasters International. 

    Topic: Top Project Management Trends and Emotional Intelligence:  The Key to Your Future

    As a project practitioner, you probably ask yourself: What’s next?  How do I enhance my skill set to be prepared for what’s ahead?  If you look at project management trends for 2018, Emotional Intelligence (EI) stands out as a top skill for project managers and anyone involved with or leading teams.  EI is not a new topic, however, it’s significance and demand has grown in the workplace.  In any industry, project practitioners (agile and waterfall) must be able to create environments where team cohesion is higher, motivation is stronger, and overall success is greater.  Project management will continue to face increasing challenges and uncertainty, but your EI skill set will put you far ahead of the pack. 

    This presentation will present the top project management trends of today and hone in on one of them: Emotional Intelligence.  During this presentation, we will cover the following:

    ·        What are the top project management trends and how does Emotional Intelligence fit in?

    ·        What are some actionable steps I can take to develop my Emotional Intelligence skill set?

    ·        How can I apply these skills on project teams and in general to enhance my leadership skills?

    This presentation will be interactive and engaging and will provide you with new concepts to think about and implement!



    Rick Regueira

    About the Speaker
    Rick Regueira is a seasoned Agile Coach & Trainer, Project Manager and IT professional with over 21 years of IT hands on experience working with key companies in South Florida including Spherion, Carnival Cruise line, Burger King, Kaplan University and currently at IPC Subway. He is experienced in leading teams and organizations in agile transformations, leading them to flourish by reaching increased potential by delivering their product faster with quality, through positive culture change and productive, self-managed environment. Rick is active in building the IT community. He is the co-founder of the South Florida Agile Association, Agile Transformation Coach for South Florida PMI Chapter and co-founder of the IBM Rational South Florida User group. List of certifications include CEC, PMP, AKT, CSM, CSP, CSPO, PSM I, CC, MCP, Six Sigma Green Belt.

    Topic: Empowerment through Lessons Learned (Retrospectives)

    Join in this hands-on exciting session that delivers various innovative methods to continuous improvement through self and team retrospectives. Expect to leave this session with new skills and tools that leverage reflection as a means to improvement.



    Markus Linke – Deloitte

    About the Speaker

    Markus is a process automation expert with over 20 years of experience in all stages of software and database development. Leader at the Deloitte Center for Federal Innovation, member of the innovation group and RPA architect in the S&O Insight Studio. His experience includes architecture design for cross-industry projects, research and presentation of best practices and recommended platform, structural implementation and maintenance of various systems.

    Topic: Cognitive Technologies

    Cognitive Technologies, what does that even mean? Beyond the press, how does it affect my business? It holds great potential, or so I’ve been told. But what is it? Taking a look at cognitive technologies from Robotic Process Automation and beyond, Markus Linke takes a tour from some of the beginnings through the real world examples. Walking through real user journeys, he’ll draw a picture of how all of this can “makes sense” in a tangible way, not just in theory.


    During almost two decades of in-house corporate HR and staffing firm experience, Insider Career Strategies brings its knowledge, skill and talents to national and international corporations in a diverse range of industries. Insider Career Strategies guides individual and corporate clients at all levels through the job search and hiring process, consulting on everything from resume writing and interview coaching to developing LinkedIn profiles and helping professionals manage their image. Insider Career Strategies can provide you with:

    • Job Search & Interview Strategies
    • Resume Writing
    • Career Coaching
    • LinkedIn Profiles
    • Talent Acquisition Strategies


    Contact Information

    Scott Singer, CPRW, CPCC





    The Spear Group is a community of professionals providing project delivery solutions. From concept to asset realization, our personnel have the expertise needed for program management, project management and control, and owner representation. Our project life cycle experience uniquely equips The Spear Group in providing solutions for Customer success.


    We specialize in project management, construction management, and project control services. Combining proven practices and methods with current technology, Spear is able to provide our Customers with the control and decision-making tools that ensure success.


    We have the right people. Our personnel have a broad range of experience from many different business sectors. Experience in engineering, construction, IT, business systems, power generation/delivery, pharmaceutical, biotech, telecommunication, institutional and commercial. Our professionals are passionate about what they do.


    Whether you have a business need that we can help with, or you are interested in joining a winning team that truly cares about its members, contact one of us to take the next step.

    Contact Information

    George J. Diggins
    Vice President & Program Manager
    The Spear Group




    Founded by industry leaders to set a new standard in search, career placement and flexible staffing, we deliver coordinated staffing solutions with unparalleled service, a commitment to project completion and success and a passion for innovation, creativity and continuous improvement. Our niche brands and specialty divisions provide direct hire, executive search, temporary staffing, contract consulting, and temp/contract-to-hire solutions to emerging growth companies and the Fortune 500 across market sectors, career specialties/disciplines, and industries.

    Over time, office locations and service offerings will be added to address ever changing constituent needs.

    Contact information:

    Kathryn Kohl
    954-756-6760, mobile 954-336-5646
    Division Director | Beacon Hill Technologies
    550 W Cypress Creek Rd, Suite 460
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309






    From the beginning, we wanted Signature to be a different kind of place. A large part of that developed around a culture of striving to “do the right thing” and becoming “friends first.” What this means in a broad sense is that we treat everyone–whether it’s our client, consultant or fellow employee–as we would treat a lifelong friend. Because friends will solve in minutes what enemies may never solve. Put into practice, this means weekly re-contacting of our clients and consultants. After all, being friends is about staying in touch. We plan regular events like happy hours, lunches and other activities that involve plenty of face-to-face interaction.

    The second component of our culture is striving to “do the right thing.” This means transparency in everything we do. We tell the truth to clients and consultants even when that truth reveals our own mistakes. It’s better to own up and solve the problem, and you can’t do that by pretending it doesn’t exist. Accountability is expected from everyone here at Signature, from the CEO on up.

    A lot of companies talk about their culture. At Signature, we make sure we live it every day. Just about anyone who has ever worked with us will tell you, this truly is a special kind of place.


    Contact information:

    Gary Weichfelbaum
    Resource Manager
    (D) (954) 717-1043
    (M) (954) 235-4727




    Computer Aid, Inc., (CAI) is a global IT services firm that is currently managing engagements with numerous Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies. CAI is headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania, with a staff of over 4,500 professionals located around the world. Among its many offerings, CAI specializes in the delivery of metrics and SLA-based application support and development, quality assurance & testing, and service desk outsourcing. CAI demonstrates value in delivering results that reduce costs through visibility, optimization, control methodologies and performance-based service tools. We operate on the principle that quality IT solutions should be delivered at a fixed price, on time, and in budget. Our ability to hold true to this principle has been critical to our success since our founding in 1981.

    Contact information:

    Jen Boyer
    General Manager, CAI Florida
    (m) 561-441-3700
    6131 Lyons Road, Suite 201
    Coconut Creek, FL 33073




    Our experts help maximize your technology investment by providing the right candidates in the right time frame. Our dynamic recruiting solutions streamline the entire service delivery process.

    Contact information:

    Adriana Duque
    8004 NW 154TH STREET, SUITE 645
    Miami Lakes, Fl 33016






    Gravity IT Resources is a talent centric, referral driven and culture focused IT staffing firm.  Our programs and methodology are designed in the spirit of the sharing economy to meet the needs of both IT talent and discriminating clients that need IT talent to deliver results.

    Gravity IT Resources wakes up every day with a mission to provide IT talent with compelling career opportunities and a powerful framework to build a life of significance and purpose. Our talent centric philosophy and programs make Gravity IT Resources the “employer of choice” for top IT talent.  This favored position allows us to deliver superior, highly engaged talent to our clients.

    Check out the unique programs we’ve built to accelerate the personal development and financial success of our IT talent. Then learn more about how these programs translate into success for our clients.

    Contact information:

    Stephen C. Dettor
    CEO, Gravity IT
    (754) 224-1128
    (954) 947-1390
    2436 N Federal Highway #331
    Lighthouse Point, Florida 33064
    stephen.dettor@gravityitresour ces.com





    No matter how complex your business questions, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward. As the world’s largest consulting firm, we can help you take decisive action and achieve sustainable results.

    What works in one industry may not work in another. That’s why we strive to know them all, inside and out. Our people are experienced, real-world professionals who provide practical perspectives and solutions. So you can avoid pitfalls, minimize risk and gain an edge.

    Organizations face a radically shifting context for the workforce, the workplace, and the world of work. Our survey of more than 10,000 business and HR leaders from 140 countries reveals 10 areas for businesses to focus on to better organize, manage, develop, and align people at work. This executive summary provides a focused perspective on Deloitte’s 2017 Human Capital Trends report specific to industries listed below:

    • Oil and Gas
    • Power and Utilities
    • Technology, Media and Telecommunications


    Contact information:

    Jose F. Bastidas
    Mobile 305-762-0087